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We think the style of the photographs should be completely down to you. For this reason we offer a number of options when it comes to backdrops, print styles, the way the photos are laid out and the props available.

The  personalised guest book is a great way to record who attended your wedding and looks fantastic with photos and messages from your guests, plus our helpful Booth Butler looks after this for you so you don’t need to worry.


A guest book is a fantastic way to treasure your booth photos. You also get two copies of every photo – one for your guests and one for your book, and our helpful Booth Butler manages the process for you.

Beautifully made
100-page square book, with thick kraft card pages.

Custom wooden guest book

These wooden keepsake guest books are laser engraved with your personalized design and can be displayed at your wedding, birthday party or other event for all of your guests to sign!*


The style of the instant prints is totally down to you.  You can choose standard which gives a plain white border to your images or you can opt for one of our specially designed frames.

Choose Rose or Teal for a classic wedding look, go for an instagram look with the ‘Folkie’ option or opt for the light hearted ‘Fun’ style using a school note book as inspiration.

Ask for a print sample to see the quality for yourself.


Choose from our carefully curated set of ‘themed’ props boxes:

  • Vintage Wedding – Moustaches on sticks, rotary phone and vintage signs.

  • 1920’s – Great Gatsby influenced; gangster hats and pearls.

  • Deer Hunter – Tweed caps and hunting gear

  • Wild West – Cowboys and Indians

  • Rapper$ Delight – 80’s and 90’s

You could also opt for the mixed props box which is a little bit of everything. Get in touch to request our Props List or we can create your own customised/themed props box!


The unlimited instant prints measure 6 x 4′. You can choose any of the following layouts for your photos:

  • Grid of four

  • Single Image

  • One Large, three small

  • Double Print

  • Duplicate Strips

You can also choose to have one of our print styles or add personalised message to your photographs.


We like to make our booths as individual as you are. Choose from a variety of photo layouts, personal messages, logos and backdrops to really make the booth your own.

Our backdrops come in black, red, white, silver, gold or candy! You could also design your own backdrop such as an image of a beach scene or something that ties into your event.

The Tower Booth and GIFbox can just use any wall as a backdrop to the photos.


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